Digital Transformation

Internet of Things

Data integration and BI

Innovative applications and digital transformation

The care sector is going to change thanks to IT innovations. The digital transformation will make its debut. IT will be expected to take the initiative to improve online communication with clients/patients, to extract value from the comprehensive volumes of data and to realise Internet of Things applications. This has major consequences for the current systems and infrastructures.

Innovate? First ensure there’s calm in the IT department

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Innovations versus existing systems

A stable and properly protected infrastructure is needed for all critical healthcare applications and systems, yet innovation projects require new solutions which are quick to implement, flexible and open. Fulfilling a so-called bimodal IT environment constitutes a challenge for many.

Data integration

A huge volume of data is becoming increasingly available, for example because of e-health applications, ‘wearables’ and ‘insideables’ for clients/patients, medical equipment, files etc. In the years ahead, information demands from health professionals and clients/patients will grow rapidly. It’s expected from you that the required applications and systems will be integrated, including with the BI application.

Internet of Things

It’s no longer a question as to whether the Internet of Things (IoT) has an influence on healthcare. Pioneering healthcare institutions will develop new applications using IoT. You will be expected to take the lead in this. Your knowledge of the technology must lead to innovation in the primary care processes through the integration of applications and digitisation. Managing the digital processes is your concern.

Digital Operational Excellence

Operational excellence means performing operational processes without errors and extremely efficiently and effectively. The degree to which you achieve ‘digital operational excellence’, determines the innovative abilities of your organisation. Innovations will fail if their foundation, the current business-critical systems, doesn’t function flawlessly.

How about if…

…we helped you with the partners in our ecosystem, in your digital transformation? We would ensure ‘digital operational excellence’ with you. For the renewal of your IT environment, where for many reasons healthcare institutions are opting increasingly to place the applications in the cloud, such as in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, SPS is your partner. SPS knows your sector and will work alongside your application suppliers to guarantee success.

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