Reduce complexity

Digital transformation


Outsource or not

Flexible, future-proof, less complex, efficient

Increasing supervision and regulatory pressure, and the strategic reorientation of housing corporations, are all forcing corporations to take a good hard look at their IT functions. IT needs to become more flexible, more future-proof, less complex and more efficient. Digitisation, reducing the complexity of the application landscape and optimising IT management are regarded as solutions.

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Reducing complexity and costs

Housing corporations are particularly concerned with how IT costs can be managed better without affecting effectiveness. Reducing the complexity of the application landscape is an important topic for raising the efficiency and effectiveness of information provision. Optimising IT management, whether or not through outsourcing, is seen as a way of lowering costs.

Becoming flexible and future-proof

Initiatives like CORA and VERA and developments like mobile working, cloud computing, better data analysis and reporting and making less use of tailor-made work, are also part of the strategy of becoming more flexible and more efficient. In many corporations, now is the time to make the IT function future-proof.

Outsource IT management or not

Many corporations have already outsourced parts of their IT. They and others are considering assigning their entire IT management externally while still maintaining control over it in-house. Important reasons for this are reviews of the IT provision, where cloud solutions are also being deployed, and the need to save money. Housing corporations which don’t outsource invest in management software to make the IT function more efficient.


It’s expected that most service provision will be digital by 2020. Self-service portals and links with chain parties are already widely used. An Enterprise Service Bus is also being used increasingly to implement digital processes. Your knowledge of the technology must lead to innovation in the operational processes. Managing the digital processes is your concern.

Digital Operational Excellence

Operational excellence means performing operational processes without errors and extremely efficiently and effectively. The degree to which you achieve ‘digital operational excellence’, determines the innovative abilities of your organisation. Innovations will fail if their foundation, the current business-critical systems, doesn’t function flawlessly.

How about if…

…we help you with the partners in our ecosystem, in your digital transformation? We would ensure ‘digital operational excellence’ with you. For the renewal of your IT environment, where for many reasons housing corporations are opting increasingly to place the applications in the cloud, such as in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, SPS is your partner. SPS knows your sector and will work alongside your application suppliers to guarantee success.

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