Cloud is a chance

Profitable customers

Continuous innovation

Integrated solution

Professional, innovative and future-proof

A professional organisation is crucial to you. An organisation where technology, processes and people guarantee high-quality and profitable service provision. You regard ‘the cloud’ as an opportunity rather than a threat. You become a constantly innovating Cloud Services Provider focusing on managing the hybrid cloud with on-premises IT and IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions. SPS is your partner with Gensys X as a total solution, now and in the future.

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Gensys X, the ultimate solution for IT departments and Managed Service Providers for IT Monitoring, Service Management, Active CMDB, Service Desk and CRM. Download the extensive brochure!  

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Public Cloud en on premises

Cloud, opportunity and threat

Your clients will also be making increasing use of cloud solutions, so ‘the cloud’ is taking over part of your IT management. Now you have the opportunity to introduce new services, like monitoring the SLAs of cloud providers, end-to-end IT management with multiple clouds and on-premises IT, costs management, application performance monitoring and also management of SaaS solutions, cost-effective 24/7 management, Office 365 implementation and use support, and more.

Continuous innovation

Innovating your services will occur in steadily shorter cycles. You are looking for software which will let you be more agile and able to implement innovations faster. Specifically for managed services providers, who are embracing the cloud as an opportunity to grow, SPS has developed agile IT management software.

Profitable clients

Gensys is the first agile and the only genuinely integrated multitenant solution for the monitoring and management of ‘on-premises’ IT, cloud services or a combination of them. Gensys is attuned to the processes of the managed services provider and those of the cloud services provider, and supports them fully and efficiently. With Gensys you will have not just satisfied, but also profitable, clients.

Cloud functions

Cloud monitoring, cloud billing, cloud cost management – these are all functions the ambitious service provider needs. Rather today than tomorrow. If you offer cloud services yourself, like IaaS, then their management is that little bit different, because multiple specific client environments run on a ‘shared’ infrastructure.

Built for service providers

In the development of Gensys, use by service providers was and is paramount. Each function must lead to an increase in the quality of the service provision and/or an efficiency improvement. This has led to the best integrated IT management software with an Active CMDB, IT Monitoring, Service Desk, CRM and IT Service Management functions. Gensys is available as SaaS and as an ‘on-premises’ solution.

An end-to-end solution

Gensys is an end-to-end solution for service providers. The primary processes are supported with Gensys, from lead generation, CRM, commissioning, asset management, monitoring, incident and problem management, availability management, capacity management, performance management, service desk, SLA management and reporting, through to time recording and invoicing. Gensys supports the ITIL best-practices, but even more the service-provider-best-practices.

How about if…

…we help you in your transformation from Managed Services Provider to Cloud Services Provider? We help you to grab the opportunities created by your clients’ digital transformation. We work with you to ensure a growing number of clients and rising profitability, and to improve the quality and efficiency of your service provision. With our products and services your clients will regard you as the ultimate partner for achieving ‘digital operational excellence’. SPS knows what you need for a successful future.

Coffee with Gé?

Gé Kapteijn is Gensys Account Manager at SPS. He’ll be happy to tell you everything about the innovative software by SPS. Perhaps you’d like to see the solution with your own eyes?