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No cure, no pay

Why hire if there is a cheaper, faster and better alternative

Need extra IT expertise now? Then go and quickly hire someone from a seconder. That’s easier said than done, the search is difficult, time-consuming and the outcome is not certain. Congratulations if you find the right person, but unfortunately this is often at a high cost. Why hire if the alternative is better in all respects? Choose ‘remote IT expertise’. Guaranteed faster, cheaper and of a high quality. Including 24×7.

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SPS Managed Services, also known as RES-Q, now has more than 20 years’ experience in monitoring and managing complex IT environments. Read all about it!

Broad IT expertise

What expertise do you need? SPS has a large number of customers with a huge diversity of IT. That is why we have broad expertise on both old and new technologies. Choose remote IT expertise if you are about to hire an IT professional. Call SPS for troubleshooting and management of servers (UNIX, Linux, Windows), networks, databases (Oracle, SQL Server and many others), hypervisors (VMware, Hyper-V), server-based computing (Citrix, Microsoft RDS) and many other middleware solutions.

Fast and safe to arrange

Remote IT expertise can be arranged quickly. Setting up secure access to your IT environment is quick and almost automatic. Guaranteed only for the IT for which support is requested, and we cannot access anywhere else. Our people do not even know the passwords of the IT components on which they work. This is not the case with on-site hiring. The hired IT professional leaves at some point, often with the log-in parameters and passwords.


Only pay when actual work is being done. That sounds good, but in practice it is often not the case. Your hired IT professional comes for the day and you pay for the whole day, even if he or she is less busy or has nothing to do for periods of time. You cannot let him or her go, because once they’re gone, they’re gone. What if the workload suddenly increases again? This is different in the case of remote IT expertise. Every hour of the day is spent effectively by the employee. If he is not doing something for you, then there is certainly another customer who can use his expertise.

No cure, no pay

Ask about our quality guarantee. We provide one. We know our people very well, we know exactly what we can do and we do not promise too much. We are not afraid of ‘no cure, no pay’ agreements, based on customer satisfaction and a resultobligation.

Charles Koning Sales Manager SPS

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Charles Koning is head of sales at SPS. He’ll be happy to tell you everything about the SPS Managed services. Perhaps you’d like to meet our experts yourself?