Safety Net

Assured of IT management


You are assured of IT management

You probably have to deal with temporary capacity shortfalls caused by holidays, illness, training, project deployment, dismissal, etc. We can quickly resolve these shortfalls for you. SPS can take over IT management for a certain period of time at short notice or supplement your system administration capacity. This is possible for the entire IT environment or for a specific part. We can also structure this as a ‘safety net’. No difficult contracts, no long-term obligations.

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Temporary management

For an IT department it is sometimes difficult to keep staffing at the right level for day-to-day management. This could be due to aspects such as absenteeism, holiday periods and training. We also regularly see that there is a need to temporarily expand the system administration capacity, for example during migrations or during peak periods. We can help you quickly. We can remotely manage your IT environment – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, if you wish.

Safety net

We can also act as a ‘safety net’ and take action if it turns out your system administrators do not respond in time. The notifications can be easily forwarded to our management centre. We see exactly what your system administrators see. If no action is taken within the time that we have agreed with each other, SPS will pick up the report.

Adaptable to your situation

We can make various arrangements for parts of your IT and the service level agreements are tailored to your situation. You can choose what suits you best for the temporary management or for the safety net.

Charles Koning Sales Manager SPS

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