Temporary outsourcing of ICT management? Leave it to us!

Making a system administrator available for a short or longer period of time? Need immediate extra capacity for network management or system management? Fill in the gaps in your ICT management now? All this can be achieved through a smart method of outsourcing. Not necessarily the entire IT environment – part of it is also fine. How great would it be if you could take decisions rapidly and quickly scale up or down, or even stop at any time. With a ‘no cure no pay’ agreement based on customer satisfaction and result obligation. How great would that be? Choose SPS IT management-as-a-service: compare the outsourcing of IT management with the purchase of cloud services. You are not tied down to anything, quickly realise an ‘oasis of calm’ and remain completely in control.

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Does your IT department have no capacity for innovation? Why tactical outsourcing IT is the solution.

  • Make existing staff available for new projects
  • Realise short-term quick wins at (very) low costs
  • Keep control and create tranquillity for innovation
  • Quickly achieve decisions with limited risks

Choose what you outsource

Choose yourself what you outsource and what you continue to do yourself. This varies from outsourcing basic monitoring to full management. You also determine which part of the IT environment you outsource. Because just by outsourcing a certain part of IT, you make people with specific skills, knowledge and experience available for projects. You have no obligation to outsource everything immediately.

Tailor-made service

You indicate what you want and agreements are made to measure. You know exactly what you can expect from us and we know what we have to do. A clear collaboration that can only be interpreted in one way. With almost 25 years of experience, we know how to tailor services.

Technically simple and free of cost

Implementing managing parts of your IT environment is carried out quickly and virtually automatically. There are no complicated technical actions involved, and no costs at all. Compare this with the cloud model, where there are also no start-up costs charged.

Free scaling up and down

You are entirely free to change the services in the interim. You scale up or down if you find it necessary. Scaling down is possible without hassle, notice periods or restrictions. Again, compare this to the cloud model. You can change the tailor-made services at any time.

No cure, no pay

You do not have to take us at our word. We are convinced of our abilities and have full confidence in a successful cooperation. We are not afraid of ‘no cure no pay’ agreements, based on customer satisfaction and a result obligation.

Simple arrangements

SPS IT-management-as-a-service does not involve strict obligations with rigid conditions. Of course, our obligations and responsibilities are clearly defined. These arrangements are clear, but they exist in the context of a commitment that can be terminated by you.

Cooperation and shared service desk

Do you want to manage part of the IT environment yourself and have us manage another part? Then the cooperation between you and us is important. With communication that is simple, correct in terms of content and runs smoothly, so that it is always immediately clear who picks up issues, what needs to be done and what the activities were which led to the solution. Together we have insight into data, for example CMDB data or ticket information. Do you not have a service desk system? Then use our shared service desk system, which is quickly deployable and easy to use.

Charles Koning Sales Manager SPS

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