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How secure is your IT?

Is the security of my IT environment at the right level? What are the vulnerabilities that I am poorly protected against? How can I make improvements? Do I have sufficient knowledge for this in house? These and other questions keep you busy, because IT security is at the top of every priority list. Make sure you get insight in the status of your IT security in the short term. Know what measures you need to take in the short term, but also structurally. The SPS Vulnerability Assessment identifies, scans, assesses and advises with a pragmatic but concrete plan of action and a proposal for staying secure. Expert and to-the-point advice with concrete points that directly improve IT security.

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System hardening is a dire necessity

Did you know that many security issues arise due to ‘old’ vulnerabilities? Do you know which risks you are currently running? Do not endanger your organisation – close the holes. Limit significantly the number and impact of internal or external attacks. SPS helps you to ‘harden’ systems, both servers and network components. We help your IT organisation with the implementation and maintenance of the achieved hardening level.

Is the Endpoint Security adequate?

Is the access to your network and your systems with important data adequately protected? Are your current endpoint security measures really keeping malicious people out? Remember that the risks only increase, especially if the boundaries of the IT infrastructure are shifted to ‘any place’, ‘any time’ and ‘any device’. Ensure that your endpoint security is at the right level, that the design is based on a thorough analysis of your situation and knowledge of what works and what does not. SPS identifies, advises, designs and implements the security of your ‘endpoints’. In addition, we present you with a concrete plan to remain safe.

Network Traffic Security at an appropriate level?

Do you know the dangers of exchanging data from and to your systems? Have you implemented adequate measures? Are they future-proof? Ensure that the continuity of your organisation is not endangered. Secure data communication from and to servers, network components, storage systems, endpoints and peripherals. An essential part of your total IT security. Let SPS secure your traffic flows. We design, implement and monitor measures that range from the separation of traffic through network zoning, active monitoring of internet access, encryption of traffic, access control, intrusion detection, etc.

High-quality Data Security and Data Privacy?

Data are important assets, but are they adequately secured against loss, theft and abuse? Does your IT protect the personal data in your organisation against unauthorised use? Does your IT optimally support the AVG (GDPR)? Ensure a well-considered implementation of your data security plan. With the right approach, take appropriate measures based on knowledge of the legislation and regulations and experience with a large arsenal of solutions. Let SPS help you bring your data security and data privacy to the right level, and keep it there. We support the creation and implementation of the data security plan based on five basic principles: inventory, reduce, protect, sharpen and be prepared.

Risk-proof email environment at low cost

The best email security, infinite email archives, guaranteed email continuity. That is what organisations want, that is what you need., a brand of SPS, protects you against every conceivable email threat, provides a 100% uptime guarantee and archives all your email in a secure database. protects your personal data and provides a GDPR (AVG) compliant email environment. uses Mimecast, the integrated risk management cloud suite for Microsoft® Exchange™, Office 365™, and Google Apps for Work™.

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