High-quality Data Security and Data Privacy?

Data are important assets, but are they adequately secured against loss, theft and abuse? Does your IT protect the personal data in your organisation against unauthorised use? Does your IT optimally support the AVG (GDPR)? Ensure a well-considered implementation of your data security plan. With the right approach, take appropriate measures based on knowledge of the legislation and regulations and experience with a large arsenal of solutions. Let SPS help you bring your data security and data privacy to the right level, and keep it there. We support the creation and implementation of the data security plan based on five basic principles: inventory, reduce, protect, sharpen and be prepared.

5 Basic Principles for Data Security and Data Privacy

Data Security and Data Privacy requires policies and measures based on company policy, compliance rules and laws and regulations.

The result

Solutions that genuinely add value based on a data security plan that has been given careful thought. That is the core. But the result is also that you best fulfil the legal obligations by implementing IT facilities. You reduce the risks when processing sensitive data. Your data is protected against loss, theft and abuse.

Data security plan with basic principles

Lay the basis for a well thought-out implementation through a data security plan based on five basic principles: make an inventory (what data, from where, where stored, for what use, who uses), reduce (what is really necessary, who has access to what), protect (physically, electronically, train and make aware, internally and externally), sharpen (keep no longer than necessary, remove) and be prepared (response plan for incidents).

The implementation

In inventorying and reducing we use best practice templates tailored to your situation. Protecting consists of choosing and implementing measures and solutions for endpoint security, authentication/authorisation, email traffic, encryption, intrusion detection/prevention, traffic security, etc.  Sharpen includes examining back-up schedules and backup solutions, but measures are also taken for the disposal and destruction of data. Being prepared focuses on determining the possible security incidents and the response plan.

The implementation is not enough

Also make sure that your data is protected and its privacy guaranteed even after the implementation. Threats change, and unfortunately they are increasing all the time. Legislation, internal or external rules and standards are constantly changing. Make sure you are regularly informed about risks, security, standards and legislation. Constantly monitor the implementation of your solutions and the effectiveness of your policy and measures. Ask SPS Managed Services for support in this.

The advantages

Our advice, design and implementation are based on decades of experience with a great diversity of IT. We are objective, because we have no interest in promoting a security product from any supplier. If you want to do this, we can take care of the entire process, from drawing up the data security plan, implementation of measures and solutions, up to and including managing them. One less worry.

SPS, your guarantee

You receive an independent and honest design and advice. SPS is ISO 27001 certified and, thanks to its 25 years of experience in designing and managing IT infrastructures, has essential knowledge on setting up and maintaining security and privacy solutions. We guarantee that, so ‘no cure no pay’.

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