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Data are important assets, but are they adequately secured against loss, theft and abuse? Does your IT protect the personal data in your organisation against unauthorised use? Does your IT optimally support the AVG (GDPR)? Ensure a well-considered implementation of your data security plan. With the right approach, take appropriate measures based on knowledge of the legislation and regulations and experience with a large arsenal of solutions. Let SPS help you bring your data security and data privacy to the right level, and keep it there. We support the creation and implementation of the data security plan based on five basic principles: inventory, reduce, protect, sharpen and be prepared.

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The best email security

Prevent disruption of your business activities, loss of data, fines and reputational damage. Make sure that sensitive data do not fall into the wrong hands. Secure your organisation against ransomware, phishing, spear-phishing, impersonation, malware, etc. Veiligermailen.nl uses advanced, multilayer and intelligent detection engines to protect email data and employees. Avoid risks and prevent violation of your security policy with Veiligermailen.nl.

Infinite email archiving

Automatically store every incoming, outgoing and internal email message in the secure archive. Prevent email messages and attachments from being deleted or changed. Prevent unwanted manipulation. Make sure that emails are powerful evidentiary documents and that your email archives comply with the most stringent internal regulations and statutory rules. Avoid expensive and complex systems for backup and recovery. Do not let the costs and expenses of email archiving get out of hand. Veiligermailen.nl offers fast access to a reliable email archive in the cloud.

GDPR (AVG) compliant email environment

Build a security, privacy and management solution for email quickly and easily with Veiligermailen.nl. Take an important step towards aligning your organisation with the GDPR (AVG) requirements. The start of enforcement of the GDPR (AVG) on 25 May 2018 makes email security and email archiving significantly more important. Protect against leaks of personal data. Always find and delete emails when this is required or requested. Not randomly, but with the required authorisation.

Guaranteed email continuity

Receive or send each incoming, outgoing or internal email, even if your email server is not available. Continue working as normal with Outlook from Microsoft and G-suite from Google as if nothing is wrong. Prevent annoyed employees and customers, protect your reputation and avoid productivity loss. Veiligermailen.nl offers a 100% uptime guarantee. Downtime of your email environment is a thing of the past!

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