Network Traffic Security at an appropriate level?

Do you know the dangers of exchanging data from and to your systems? Have you implemented adequate measures? Are they future-proof? Ensure that the continuity of your organisation is not endangered. Secure data communication from and to servers, network components, storage systems, endpoints and peripherals. An essential part of your total IT security. Let SPS secure your traffic flows. We design, implement and monitor measures that range from the separation of traffic through network zoning, active monitoring of internet access, encryption of traffic, access control, intrusion detection, etc.

View here the 4 steps to complete control of IT Security

In this white paper we provide a framework for setting up and maintaining a stable and secure basis.

The result

Securing your network traffic flows, that’s what you want and that’s what you get. We ensure that you are taking adequate measures against the risks of exchanging data within and outside the business infrastructure. After our advice you can get started, because it includes an implementation plan. Naturally we can also be your partner if you want to leave the implementation to us.

Many possibilities

Determine the measures and implement the solutions depending on your situation, the requirements imposed on the infrastructure, the information that is processed and the access that is required. Think of solutions such as email management, malware detection, URL filtering, network segmentation, traffic flow analysis, application layer firewall, internet firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, access control, reverse proxy.

Monitoring and managing

Make sure you stay secure even after the implementation. Threats change, and unfortunately they are increasing all the time. We follow what happens in IT security, we know what works and does not work. We update and monitor your implementation continuously, and anomalies are immediately corrected. Guarantee the continuity and quality of the security measures and solutions, prevent disinvestments and remain fully ‘in control’. Including in the context of compliance obligations. Opt for SPS Managed Services.

The advantages

Our advice, design and implementation are based on decades of experience with a great diversity of IT. We are objective, because we have no interest in promoting a security product from any supplier. If you wish, we can take care of the entire process, from design to management. One less worry.

SPS, your guarantee

You receive independent and honest advice and our approach is pragmatic. SPS is ISO 27001 certified and, thanks to its 25 years of experience in designing and managing IT infrastructures, has essential knowledge on setting up and maintaining hardening. We guarantee that, so ‘no cure no pay’.

Coffee with us?

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