System hardening is a dire necessity

Did you know that many security issues arise due to ‘old’ vulnerabilities? Do you know which risks you are currently running? Do not endanger your organisation – close the holes. Limit significantly the number and impact of internal or external attacks. SPS helps you to ‘harden’ systems, both servers and network components. We help your IT organisation with the implementation and maintenance of the achieved hardening level.

View here the 4 steps to complete control of IT Security

In this white paper we provide a framework for setting up and maintaining a stable and secure basis.

The result

Your safety risks have been eliminated as much as possible. Your systems contain only the absolutely necessary matters and they are up-to-date. We ensure that systems are as difficult as possible to penetrate and if an attacker gets access, then it cannot do much. After our advice you can get started, because it includes an implementation plan. Of course you can also leave the implementation to us.

Many possibilities and techniques

Hardening varies between different systems, but the concepts are largely the same. With server operating systems, it is mainly about limiting the ‘surface of attack’ as much as possible. But password management and patch management are also part of it. The same applies to network operating systems, but techniques differ. In addition to its own standards, based on years of experience, SPS applies a number of accepted guidelines and images for hardening systems.

Monitoring and managing

Hardening a system is just the start. The hardening must be monitored and regularly audited. It often happens that hardening measures are (accidentally) reversed. Little by little, carefully implemented hardening will show weaknesses over time. Monitor the hardening of systems and ensure that deviations from standards are detected. Let SPS Managed Services take care of this for you.

The advantages

Our advice, design and implementation are based on decades of experience with a great diversity of IT. With SPS you have a complete solution, because in addition to the implementation we have the expertise, the experience and the tooling to monitor your system hardening and keep it optimal.

SPS, your guarantee

You receive independent and honest advice and our approach is pragmatic. SPS is ISO 27001 certified and, thanks to its 25 years of experience in designing and managing IT infrastructures, has essential knowledge on setting up and maintaining hardening. We guarantee that, so ‘no cure no pay’.

Charles Koning Sales Manager SPS

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