How secure is your IT?

Is the security of my IT environment at the right level? What are the vulnerabilities that I am poorly protected against? How can I make improvements? Do I have sufficient knowledge for this in house? These and other questions keep you busy, because IT security is at the top of every priority list. Make sure you get insight in the status of your IT security in the short term. Know what measures you need to take in the short term, but also structurally. The SPS Vulnerability Assessment identifies, scans, assesses and advises with a pragmatic but concrete plan of action and a proposal for staying secure. Expert and to-the-point advice with concrete points that directly improve IT security.

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In this white paper we provide a framework for setting up and maintaining a stable and secure basis.

The result

After the vulnerability assessment you know how secure your IT is, because our report gives you a clear overview of your IT with the vulnerabilities. And that’s not all. We analyse and assess the current measures, vulnerabilities and risks. We then present you with objective advice on the measures to be taken, including a proposal on how to stay secure after implementation.

The advantages

You obtain a thorough insight into the vulnerabilities, not a superficial overview. Our advice is objective because we have no interest in promoting a security product from any supplier. You introduce structure in your improvement plans because measures are made concrete and linked to each other. You also know what needs to be done to bring your vulnerability management up to standard and you lay the basis for ‘continuous compliance’. And, not unimportantly, the assessment increases the IT security knowledge of your own organisation.

Why the assessment?

Do you know how strong your IT security currently is? Often the answer is ‘no’ or ‘good, I think’. The latter answer is given if measures have been agreed, but whether they have actually been implemented or are still compliant is not certain. The diversity of measures that may or may not be required in the area of IT security is considerable. Another aspect is the increasing coverage of cyber attacks and data leaks. Your organisation expects you to have your IT security in order. Make sure you know whether your IT security is at a high level and what you need to do to become and stay secure.

Continuous Compliance

The SPS Vulnerability Assessment detects your IT assets and scans for vulnerabilities and security settings. We use the Active CMDB of Gensys, our management software, to record the results, enrich the data and give you insight. If the security measures have been taken, you also want to stay secure. You want to move towards continuous compliance. As a follow-up to the vulnerability assessment we monitor your systems, we keep your asset registration up-to-date and we continuously monitor known vulnerabilities. Because your Active CMDB is already filled, we can quickly and cost-effectively get started.

SPS, your guarantee

You get independent and honest advice from a party with extensive experience at a large number of organisations with a wide diversity of IT infrastructures. Our advice is supplier-independent, because we know the value of the various IT security products but do not represent them. SPS is ISO 27001 certified and, thanks to its 25 years of experience in designing and managing IT infrastructures, has essential knowledge to assess, organise and maintain IT security. It is certain that you will receive objective advice. You have that guarantee, so ‘no cure no pay’.

Charles Koning Sales Manager SPS

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