SPS is a ‘business friend’ of the Dutch Cancer Society (2016, 2017 and 2018)

SPS is a ‘business friend’ of the Dutch Cancer Society and supports it in its activities. SPS has asked the DCS to use its contribution to combat cancer in children. SPS has also made its video and studio facilities available to the DCS for video interviews with the specialists involved, among other things.

The DCS has a number of projects underway for combating cancer in children, among others with the AMC hospital and Erasmus MC Sofia Kinderziekenhuis. There are also several international joint ventures to make curing child cancer more effective with fewer side-effects, thereby improving children’s quality of life.

SPS supports Make A Wish Nederland (2015)

Make A Wish fulfils the greatest wishes of children aged between 3 and 18 with a life-threatening illness. Make A Wish Nederland has a strong organisational base run by volunteers who supervise and track every step of the process carefully. After all, these are children and youths in a vulnerable situation. You can only experience fulfilment of a greatest wish once, so everything needs to run flawlessly.

SPS supports the association, Hulphond Nederland (2014)

The association teaches dogs 70 skills to help people with physical disabilities or therapeutic needs. These are people with serious physical disabilities, epilepsy or traumas, as well as children and youths with a mental disability and/or serious behavioural difficulties. The objective is to enhance the independence of such people, and thus to promote their participation in society. At the end of 2013 SPS made the training of a pup possible through a donation.