Monitor IT components

24 by 7

End-to-end monitoring

For the cloud too

Monitor and provide insight

We monitor your IT services and IT components 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Not everything needs to be monitored by us. You decide the scope, with or without cloud solutions. We identify actual or potential incidents and notify you as often and as quickly as you want. If you cannot solve the incident, we are happy to sort it out for you. Not a problem. SPS is all about ‘continuity in IT’.

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SPS Managed Services, also known as RES-Q, now has more than 20 years’ experience in monitoring and managing complex IT environments. Read all about it!

What do we monitor?

Servers, network, storage, hypervisors, databases, middleware, private cloud, public cloud, applications from virtually any vendor. But we don’t stop there. Almost any physical or logical device can be monitored. We’ve got it covered. This includes industrial devices, Internet-of-Things devices, cameras, etc.

How does it work?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any event within the scope of monitoring can be delegated to us. We will inform you of incidents or near-incidents how and when you want. Even the CMDB is kept in order. You will automatically receive reports regarding availability and tickets.


End-to-end monitoring

IT components, often in complex IT chains, influence each other, are dependent on underlying IT components and/or provide a service for the above. The monitoring of individual IT components without knowing the correlation is demonstrably ineffective. We discover the IT chains, link tem to IT services each with an SLA, and monitor the IT services governed by these SLA’s.

Also for the cloud

If you use an internal or external cloud, it is often part of an IT chain in which other IT components are included. The hybrid cloud. We monitor your cloud or hybrid cloud solution. The IT services with the combined infrastructure (the cloud and on-premise) are monitored as an IT chain with corresponding service levels.

Also the end user experience

Using our End User eXperience (EUX) Monitor, we measure the availability and performance of your applications and interactive websites. You will gain insight into the user experience, increase user satisfaction, improve productivity and prevent problems from escalating. The EUX Monitor is suitable for all application types (fat client, VDI, terminal services such as Citrix, browser-based).

More than just monitoring

Do you want to outsource more than just monitoring, and if you’re looking for end-to-end management of your IT, then SPS is your partner. We monitor and manage the performance, capacity, availability and user-experience of your IT service, with Service Level Agreements tailored to your situation.

Coffee with us?

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