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Gensys, Agile Business and IT Management software

Gensys X is the BSM and ITSM software for service providers and IT departments. On premise or from the cloud, for proactive and predictive IT management of traditional on-premise IT, private cloud infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions. Gensys X is the fastest to implement, the fastest to commission for use and the most efficient. Gensys X is the number 1 Agile Business and IT Service Management software.

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Gensys X, the ultimate solution for IT departments and Managed Service Providers for IT Monitoring, Service Management, Active CMDB and Service Desk and CRM. Download the extensive brochure!

Business and IT Service Management

Business Service Management (BSM), IT Service Management (ITSM), IT monitoring? Choose the ideal combination with Gensys X. Gensys X supports ITIL processes, including the Service Desk, Service Level manager, 24×7 Support manager. Gensys X is also BSM; the business objectives are primary here. Advanced IT monitoring is the foundation for BSM and ITSM.

Managing Agile IT

Gensys X is agile and fast. Agile, because Gensys X easily follows changes in the IT infrastructure, is not a limiting factor and encourages you to make changes quickly. Fast, because Gensys X is capable of taking on management of an IT component, or even a complete IT environment, in a fraction of the normal time.

Quality and efficiency through integration

Individual management solutions lose their effectiveness or are inefficient due to poor integration. Gensys X is the best integrated IT management software with four modules: Active CMDB, Monitoring, Service Management and CRM. The Active CMDB is the core of Gensys X and is fully integrated with all the features, workflows and processes.

Insight, grip, control, peace of mind

Gensys X gives better, faster insight for more control over the IT infrastructure and IT management processes. Gensys X is a workflow solution in which activities are governed by rules and structures to allow optimal quality and efficiency. Gensys X ensures effective control and is the ‘peaceful oasis’ in the rapidly changing digital world.

For the cloud and from the cloud

Gensys X is also suitable for managing cloud infrastructures and hybrid cloud solutions. End-to-end IT management is possible because cloud solutions are part of an IT service. Service providers integrally manage their cloud platform and give customers an online insight to what’s implemented on the cloud platform. Gensys X is available as an on-premise solution or from the cloud.

Multi-tenant en multi-site

Gensys X is ‘multi-tenant’ en ‘multi-site’ ofwel de IT van meerdere organisaties (klanten, afdelingen, etc.) en op meerdere sites per klant, ook in een hybride cloud, wordt beheerd vanuit één oplossing. Functionaliteit die zeker belangrijk is voor MSP’s, CSP’s en Shared Service Centra.

24/7 support

If you provide support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, or only on Saturdays, or until 22:00 on business days, or any other variant, it’s all possible. Each variant can be set up per IT service. It’s absolutely not a problem for Gensys.

Proactive and predictive IT management

With Gensys X, you will always respond in time using predictive and proactive management. Predictive management focuses on the analysis of the future behaviour of your IT. Disruptions in availability, capacity, performance and user experience are detected at an earlier stage and prevented. Proactive management focuses on events that need to be resolved in the short term.

Coffee with Gé?

Gé Kapteijn is Gensys Account Manager at SPS. He’ll be happy to tell you everything about the innovative software by SPS. Perhaps you’d like to see the solution with your own eyes?