Welcome to SPS, feel the dynamism!

A career in the world of IT; that’s what you have chosen the moment you become part of SPS. Because we want to set the tone in the world of IT and innovation, now and in the future, we look for people who understand the dynamic and speed of this fast-moving world. People who want to work together on the best product, the best service and the best commercial result.

Young professionals choose SPS

SPS is the perfect employer for you if you want to work with pleasure and passion every day. SPS is the employer where you count, you are challenged and most of all, where you can continue to develop. And all this in a tight team where pride, pleasure and teamwork are at the core every day.

Growth and development

When you work for SPS you know one thing for sure: your development and personal growth are central. No rigidly delineated programmes but individual development trajectories which will take you to the next step in your career. We believe in the ‘learning on the job’ principle and use our own expertise, resources and tools to share knowledge, to enhance it and above all, to be innovative and distinctive.

Work well, live well!

At SPS we do everything we can to make it as comfortable as possible for our staff. You are given all the options for organising your work yourself, you have lunch in our company restaurant, you can take part in innovative knowledge sessions and much, much more! SPS also organises several major musical events every year.

Taking pleasure in your work

Achieving together, sharing successes and taking pleasure in your work. Because even though we have now become a major IT player, we’ve still managed to hold onto the team spirit. The result is a personal culture with short lines and doors which are literally open to you. Our staff knowledge levels are high, just like our employee satisfaction.

“The ‘learning on the job’ approach gives me all the space I need to develop within SPS.”

Brayen, Support engineer
SPS Managed Services