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Cloud monitoring is essential for comprehensive understanding

You still want to keep control of your entire IT environment, even if it is wholly or partially in the cloud. After all, you want to give your external and internal customers the guarantee that your business-critical hybrid cloud solutions will perform optimally. You need to have end-to-end insight into the IT infrastructure, regardless of where it is located. We ensure that you can monitor your IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions, possibly integrated with your on-premise IT. You can also leave the monitoring of your (hybrid) cloud solutions to us.

How do you retain control over the entire IT infrastructure, wherever it might be?

In this white paper we answer the question of just how important integral insight into the chain is when the IT infrastructure is split up. What pitfalls should you avoid at the moment you accommodate (part of) your IT infrastructure in the cloud?

Total overview is lacking

You are dependent on the reports or portals of cloud vendors for overall insight. The information is not integrated with other vendors’ dashboards or those of your on-premise environment. A total overview is lacking, making it a challenge to respond quickly and adequately to disruptions, and retaining control is difficult.

Remain ultimate responsible for SLA

Infrastructure components and/or applications may be located externally and partially managed by a third party, however you remain ultimate responsible. Integrated insight into the performance of the IT infrastructure is difficult and unavailable in real-time, since the performance data from the IT infrastructure is available in different systems and in different forms. Monitoring the SLA is sure to suffer in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Monitoring the performance of the cloud vendors

It is next to impossible to control the SLAs agreed with the various cloud vendors based on your own responsibility alone. You depend on what the vendors report and are unable to verify whether these providers are delivering what they promised.

End-to-end monitoring

How successful your transition into a hybrid cloud is stands or falls with the integrated insight you have. You need to be able to monitor the entire IT infrastructure, both on-premise and in the cloud. You need end-to-end monitoring, covering all the configuration items in the chain, including the cloud solutions.

Integrating monitoring data

A cloud vendor often does not permit third parties (customers) to monitor its cloud platform more intensively. However, it is possible to retrieve monitoring data on availability, capacity and performance. The monitoring data from the cloud solution and the data generated with the on-premise IT will be available in an integrated system.

Cloud monitoring: Do it yourself or outsource it?

Azure Monitor and the EUX Monitor allows you to monitor your IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions. If you link these monitoring solutions to the Business and IT Service Management solution Gensys, then end-to-end monitoring becomes a reality. SPS Managed Services allows you to leave the monitoring of your (hybrid) cloud solutions to us.

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