What’s feasible, what not?

Hybrid solutions

Integrated management

Azure Monitor

Success through knowledge and experience

The Microsoft© Azure™ platform offers a great deal and is increasingly suitable for mission-critical applications. We know the risks that change almost daily, so we want to ensure that your migration to the Azure cloud is as smooth as possible. Our experience is most valuable with complex, often hybrid environments. SPS is a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.

Read about our experiences with migrating to Azure

SPS is familiar with complex migrations to the Microsoft Azure cloud. We have described our experiences in our Proof of Concept (POC). We can e-mail the white paper to you. 

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Changes and innovations at a rapid pace

Are you looking for an experienced partner who knows what it takes to migrate a complex IT environment to the Microsoft© Azure™ cloud? We know it is difficult for you to keep track of the current capabilities and limitations. Nevertheless, you still want a best-fit solution, and this is certainly possible. We will help you with the migration, because we know what is feasible and what isn’t.

Hybrid cloud

We see many hybrid solutions in our daily practice. We supplement our extensive, in-depth knowledge of IT infrastructures with knowledge of and experience with the Azure cloud. The set-up of hybrid IT environments comes naturally to us. We can be of value to you in complex environments, in which the combination of (legacy) on-premise IT and Azure solutions can cause major headaches.

And the management?

You want to keep control of your IT environment, even if it is wholly or partially in the cloud. After all, you want to give your external and internal customers the guarantee that your business-critical hybrid cloud solutions will perform optimally. With SPS Managed Services, we provide that guarantee. We monitor the uptime, capacity and performance of your Azure cloud, even if integrated with your on-premise IT.

Azure Monitor

If you do not use SPS Managed Services, then the Azure Monitor is indispensable following the migration. The Azure Monitor monitors the availability and performance of cloud solutions on the basis of an SLA, whether or not in a hybrid environment. Alerting and comprehensive analysis are possible, since detailed data on assets, performance, capacity and usage is collected, stored and processed into useful information.

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