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Application Performance Monitoring

Application performance determines user satisfaction to a significant extent. But how can you know just how your end users or clients are experiencing the performance of your applications or interactive websites? Are you able to perform a diagnosis quickly and reliably for a performance problem which sometimes occurs and sometimes doesn’t? We measure the performance and availability of your applications as the user experiences them. We alert you if threshold values are exceeded. You get detailed insight into the performance of your on-premises and cloud applications, because you have real-time and historical performance data available.

End User eXperience Monitoring essential for Application Performance Management

Why is it so difficult and important to discover the end-user experience, what role does EUX monitoring play in this, and what do we mean by APM and end-to-end monitoring?

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Performance and availability

We measure the performance of your applications and interactive websites. You gain an insight into the user experience and the behaviour of applications, and you enhance user satisfaction, improve productivity and prevent problems escalating. All the measured details are saved, and you have complete insight into them. This gives you the opportunity to investigate the performance of applications by analysing performance data from moments in the past.

Also for cloud applications

You’ve made appropriate arrangements with your cloud provider, but do you know whether the agreed response times are being met, are you satisfied with regular subsequent reporting, and do you know who’s the ‘guilty party’ when there are performance problems? The Application Performance Monitoring service also measures the performance of cloud applications. You get real-time insight into whether SLAs are being met, and because all the historical data is saved, you have the right information to hand during discussions with your cloud partners.

For all application types

Application Performance Monitoring service by SPS is suitable for all application types. That also means for fat-client and VDI applications for terminal services applications, like Citrix, and for browser-based applications.

Real-time insight and reports

You have an insight into the performance data for any device irrespective of time and place, so that also means for your mobile phone or tablet. Our Anywhere software is available as an iOS and Android app and in an HTML5 browser. The availability of applications is also recorded, and this information can be accessed with Anywhere. Various reports are provided regularly, including performance and availability reports and notification overviews.

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