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Cloud performance

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Monitor application performance and availability

The EUX Monitor measures and analyses the availability and performance of applications and interactive websites. You will gain insight into the user experience and how applications behave, increase user satisfaction, improve productivity and prevent problem escalations. You also monitor the real-time performance of your cloud vendors or hosting party in terms of the agreed service level.

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EUX Monitor, the ultimate solution for IT departments and Managed Service Providers for performance monitoring of applications and interactive websites. Download the extensive brochure!

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For all application types

The EUX Monitor is suitable for all application types. This includes fat client and VDI applications, terminal services applications, such as Citrix, and browser-based applications.

Synthetic Monitoring

While executing the end-user actions on the application, the user-friendly EUX recorder logs the script (the interaction) and control parameters. Bots that run scripts at specific times collect availability and performance data at various self-set times within a transaction.

Easy to set up and manage

Activating the EUX Monitor is quick and easy, only taking a few simple mouse clicks, and only has to be done once. You then distribute and activate EUX bots from one central location to any desired location.

Analysis and alerting

Analyse your availability and performance data with Anywhere on any device, regardless of time and place – and that includes your mobile phone or tablet. You set limits for the various performance notifications, possibly for multiple timers within the script. Optionally, Anywhere sends an alert at the time of your choosing.

Cloud performance monitoring

You have concluded firm agreements with your SaaS vendor, but do you know if the SLAs will be honoured and do you know who the ‘culprit’ is when performance problems arise? Ultimately, you remain responsible. The EUX Monitor measures the overall performance at the user level and gives you real-time insight into your cloud vendors’ performance. Only then will you be able to take timely action in response to impending performance problems.

Business proces monitoring

A critical business process consists of a chain of transactions and applications. If one application in the chain fails or performs badly, your business processes are negatively impacted. By including each sub-process in the EUX Monitor, you obtain real-time, end-to-end insight into the behaviour of the underlying chain of your critical business processes.

Application Performance Management

The EUX Monitor is available as a separate cloud solution. The Gensys EUX Monitor for APM (Application Performance Management) is available for Gensys users. The functionality is essentially the same as the EUX Monitor, but the performance data of the executed transaction profiles can be analysed with Gensys in combination with the performance data from the IT components on which the transaction depends, such as physical and logical servers, databases and switches, storage, etc.

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