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End-to-end management of application performance

Voor gebruikers van Gensys is de Gensys EUX Monitor voor APM (Application Performance Management) beschikbaar. De performancedata van de uitgevoerde transactieprofielen kunnen met Gensys worden geanalyseerd in combinatie met de performancedata van de IT-componenten waarvan die transactie afhankelijk is, zoals fysieke en logische servers, databases en switches, storage, etc.

End User eXperience Monitoring essential for Application Performance Management

Why is it so difficult and important to discover the end-user experience, what role does EUX monitoring play in this, and what do we mean by APM and end-to-end monitoring?

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End-to-end performance management

Gensys gives you in-depth insight into the current infrastructure. Detailed performance data can be gleaned from the application and the underlying infrastructure. This chain is registered in the always up-to-date, reliable Active CMDB from Gensys. A performance analysis of the end-to-end chain can be made quickly and easily.

Cloud service

The Gensys EUX Monitor for APM is a cloud service. All your data, including application interactions and measurement results, are stored in your cloud: your private cloud with secure, easy-to-manage features. Customising your IT infrastructure is limited to arranging the bots that can be activated and managed remotely.

User friendly

The EUX recorder easily logs the application interactions. The bots, which execute the application-interaction at a chosen frequency, collect performance data at different times during a transaction. In addition to measuring the performance of an application, its availability is also logged and reported.

Accurate analysis

The performance data of the executed application transactions are included in Gensys and subsequently analysed in combination with the performance data from the IT components on which the transaction depends, such as physical and logical servers, databases and switches, storage, etc.

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