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The Threat Management Gateway is a risk

The mainstream support for Microsoft Forefront TMG (Threat Management Gateway) server was terminated on 14 April 2015. No more updates or patches will be released. Moreover, since it is a security product, your entire IT environment may no longer meet security requirements. If you have not taken any action to date, do so now.

Is there an alternative to Microsoft’s Forefront TMG?

To find a substitute for TMG, we first have to determine what TMG is being used for. Because of the wide range of applications, this differs significantly between organisations. So the white paper makes no attempt at describing an all-encompassing replacement for TMG, because unfortunately it’s not that simple.

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An alternative must be found

SPS, an expert in IT infrastructures, has developed a migration service that can be tailored to your situation. Of course, we have standardised the steps where possible and, thanks to our extensive Windows knowledge and experience, the migration is carried out efficiently.

Good preparation

We review and examine existing TMG use and work with you to identify the security requirements and principles. Furthermore, we assess the current hardware environment based on its ability to accommodate substitute products without major changes and/or expenses. We create a proposal for the necessary changes and/or replacement products and work with you to determine which solution is best suited to your situation.

The migration

We will perform the migration and upgrade activities ourselves, or possibly together with you or a third party, for instance if management of a firewall or another product has been outsourced. Before the migration begins, we will draft a detailed roadmap and discuss it with you.

Microsoft Forefront Exchange Protection

Do you use Microsoft Forefront Exchange Protection? Support for this ended as of 31 December 2015, but it continues to exist as a cloud service from the Microsoft public cloud environment. Finding an alternative is difficult for organisations that do not want to use any public cloud services. They need to find a new supplier. SPS can help you here.

Exchange migration

Upgrading Exchange Forefront Protection often goes hand-in-hand with upgrading from Exchange Server to the latest version or perhaps migrating from Exchange to Office 365. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel; instead, rely on our experience.

Charles Koning Sales Manager SPS

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