24 by 7 IT monitoring

Predictive IT management

For an oasis of calm

On premises and cloud

Continuity and optimal performance

We ensure the continuity and optimal performance of your IT services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, wherever the underlying IT infrastructure is located; in the cloud, on-premises or a combination of these. Through monitoring and proactive and predictive IT management, we prevent disruptions and monitor and manage the performance, capacity, availability and user experience of your IT end-to-end. The adaptability of the SPS Managed Services means you can choose what suits you best. You decide what we do, what we manage, how quickly we act and when we act. This allows you to outsource all or part of your IT environment and to divide the management tasks between SPS and yourself.

Temporary outsourcing of IT management

Making a system administrator available for a short or longer period of time? Need immediate extra capacity for network management or system management? Fill in the gaps in your ICT management now? All this can be achieved through a smart method of outsourcing. Not necessarily the entire IT environment – part of it is also fine. How great would it be if you could take decisions rapidly and quickly scale up or down, or even stop at any time. With a ‘no cure no pay’ agreement based on customer satisfaction and result obligation. How great would that be? Choose SPS IT management-as-a-service: compare the outsourcing of IT management with the purchase of cloud services. You are not tied down to anything, quickly realise an ‘oasis of calm’ and remain completely in control.

IT Monitoring

We remotely monitor your servers, network, storage, hypervisors, databases, middleware, private cloud, public cloud, applications and other IT components 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We monitor the performance, capacity and availability of your on-premise and cloud infrastructure, tailored to your situation and requirements.

You are assured of IT management

You probably have to deal with temporary capacity shortfalls caused by holidays, illness, training, project deployment, dismissal, etc. We can quickly resolve these shortfalls for you. SPS can take over IT management for a certain period of time at short notice or supplement your system administration capacity. This is possible for the entire IT environment or for a specific part. We can also structure this as a ‘safety net’. No difficult contracts, no long-term obligations.

Application Performance Monitoring

Application performance determines user satisfaction to a significant degree. But how do you know how end users or your clients experience your applications or interactive websites? Are you able to run a diagnosis quickly and reliably for a performance problem which sometimes occurs and sometimes doesn’t? We measure the performance and availability of your applications as the user experiences them. We warn you if threshold values are exceeded. You have a detailed insight into the performance of your on-premises and (hybrid) cloud applications, because you have access to real-time and historical performance data.

Why hire if there is a cheaper, faster and better alternative

Need extra IT expertise now? Then go and quickly hire someone from a seconder. That’s easier said than done, the search is difficult, time-consuming and the outcome is not certain. Congratulations if you find the right person, but unfortunately this is often at a high cost. Why hire if the alternative is better in all respects? Choose ‘remote IT expertise’. Guaranteed faster, cheaper and of a high quality. Including 24×7.