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Ensure control of your Azure cloud services

The Azure Monitor gives you control of your Azure cloud services, whether in a full cloud solution or in a hybrid environment. You monitor the performance of cloud services based on an SLA and have access to advanced alerting options. Operating and consumption data can be analysed superficially or more in-depth. You can offer your external and internal customers the guarantee that your business-critical cloud solutions perform optimally.

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Monitor your cloud solution like on-premises IT. Retain control over the cloud. Download the Azure Monitor brochure.

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Monitoring for insight. Insight to gain and maintain control

Microsoft Azure Portal provides insight and you can activate the monitoring option for a fee, but you probably want more. You want to monitor the performance of the cloud solutions with an SLA. Also, you likely want to conduct analyses over a longer time period, so the performance and consumption data will also have to be available over a longer time. You are looking for advanced alerting functionality, so you can intervene in a timely and appropriate fashion if something does go wrong. You want the interrelations within Azure to be visible; if you have a hybrid environment, you want to see the relationships with your on-premise IT as well.

Monitor your Azure solutions as on-premise IT

The Azure Monitor monitors your cloud or hybrid cloud solution as if it were a regular on-premise environment. Detailed data on assets, performance, capacity and consumption are collected, stored and processed into useful information – information that is the basis for meaningful reporting, in-depth analysis and accurate reporting.

Meeting the KPIs

By collecting performance data from the Azure environment, you can see whether the agreed KPIs are actually being met. You can easily gain insight into the performance in relation to the agreed SLA. You can even provide your customers with this insight. Graphic trend analyses show you the forecasted performance so you can make adjustments in good time and continue to comply with the SLA.

Measuring and analysing consumption and use

Depending on the Azure service you purchase, a multitude of consumption and usage data is collected. Azure Monitor processes the data so that this can be analysed superficially or more in-depth. Trend analyses allow you to take informed decisions regarding capacity adjustments, as historical data remains available indefinitely. You can tune your Azure environment so that it is used in the most efficient, best-performing manner.

Integration with management software

The Azure Monitor can be integrated with IT management software, including Gensys, the Business and IT Service Management solution from SPS. Integration with Gensys has a host of additional benefits, such as end-to-end monitoring, workflow-based management and integrated incident, performance and capacity management.

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