All application types

Integrated with SCOM

Activated quickly

Availability too

For all application types

The System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) can measure the performance of .NET applications. The performance of web applications monitoring is measured with synthetic transactions. SCOM cannot monitor or measure other application types. However, the EUX Monitor for SCOM enables you to measure the performance and availability of all application types. That includes browser apps as well as fat client, VDI, Citrix and/or terminal services applications.

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EUX Monitor, the ultimate solution for IT departments and Managed Service Providers for performance monitoring of applications, remote environment, web applications and interactive websites. Download the leaflet!

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Full integration with SCOM

The application performance data is recorded in SCOM. You can use SCOM to more closely analyse the performance data from other IT components. SCOM remains your primary monitoring software, but is now enriched with performance data from your applications, and not only from your web applications or .NET applications.

Complete history

The complete history of the performance data at the end-user level remains available. That means that you can study the behaviour of applications at various times in the past. It also clarifies whether an infrastructure change has had an impact on response times by comparing performance data from before and after the change.

Fast implementation

The EUX Monitor for SCOM is activated and configured within minutes, including the associated certificates. You can immediately start recording and/or processing user transactions.

Monitor availability as well

In addition to measuring the performance of applications, their availability is also logged. Using Anywhere, these figures can be retrieved in real-time, possibly in relation to the specified Service Level Agreement. Availability data also goes to SCOM.

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